Cloud Enabling

we help you to identify which services migrate to the cloud 

we define for you the architectures that can facilitate the management of services

we work to optimize resources and consumption 

we manage the entire service migration phase process for you 

Cloud Services

virtual servers, configurable by combining virtual CPU, RAM memory and storage space

We provide you with virtual servers based on redundant infrastructures, configured in high reliability, with automatic load balancing and centralized storage space. 

In the event of a fault or unreachability of a physical node of the cluster, the High Availability (HA) feature allows the immediate switching on of the virtual servers on the remaining nodes still active. 

Virtual servers can migrate from one node to another or from one data store to another, without creating disruption. It is also possible to set up geographically distributed applications to increase the reliability of your services. 


performance or low-range disk space accessible via network 

We provide you with high-performance or low-range disk space accessible via the network, based on redundant infrastructures and configured in high reliability. 

This configuration provides that in the event of a fault in a front-end or back-end component of the equipment, redundancy mechanisms are activated that allow the service to continue to be provided. 


fully managed open source and commercial database instances, with backup included 

We put at your disposal databases on RDBMS technology, structured on one or more services accessible by one or more applications. 

The database service is hosted on the CSI virtual data centre and is configured on virtual machines with Linux operating system, in versions supported by the vendor or by the community and always updated from a security point of view.


safeguard and restore data even after failures or malfunctions 

We safeguard and restore your data even after failures or malfunctions. 

To ensure the safety of backups, we choose the most reliable and consolidated open source or market solutions. 

The “data deduplication” function allows information to be stored very efficiently, while at the same time reducing costs. 

network and security technologies to build a simple and high-performance cloud architecture 

We put at your disposal a network architecture for all needs and maintain the highest standards in terms of security and data transmission speed. 

Among the services available: Virtual Private Network, Virtual Load Balancing, Web Application Firewall, DNS, public IP, Clientless Remote Desktop Gateway. 


Cloud Management

guarantee of availability, integrity and confidentiality of information and data 

We can also fully manage the customer area dedicated to you. 

We guarantee availability, integrity and confidentiality for your information stored in the virtual data centre, in accordance with the requirements of the data protection legislation. 


Windows or Linux system management according to different service levels 

virtual machine (VM): we manage Linux and Windows VMs on our cloud and take care of the installation and configuration of the VM operating system components.

istanza data base (DB): we offer system management services in the PostgreSql and MySql database. 

web interface to independently check the usage status of cloud resources (CPU, RAM and disk) 

We provide you with a web interface to check the state of use of resources (CPU, RAM and disk) with the appropriate qualifications. 

The monitoring service allows you to keep track of your resources stored in Nivola infrastructure and to verify their reachability and operating status. 

An alerting service is also available via email or other tools, according to your requests. 


web interface for managing the logs of your applications and systems 

We provide you with a web interface to consult and manage the application and system logs of your cloud services. The service is based on the Elasticsearch search engine and requires the installation of an “agent” on the virtual machine to send the logs. 

Authorized users access a workspace to view logs, perform queries and create customized dashboards. 


all the technical support you need to always get the most out of your cloud 

We offer customers all the technical support necessary to solve any problems and malfunctions through specific communication channels. The service includes a ticketing and tracking tool for sending requests for assistance and for monitoring their progress and resolution. 

Support is included for customers who activate the virtual data centre management service according to the corresponding service level chosen. 

Specific training packages are also provided. 


Create your cloud

Customers can build their own customized cloud with our configurator and choose from the different services available